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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Challender, John W.NJ40H 27 OH V. I.Bentonview record
Champlin, AcilRhod iland40K 7 MI Cav.Charlotteview record
Chappell, AlbertNew York40C 75 NY Inf.Charlotteview record
Chappell, Charles E.Michigan40D 15 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Christian, ChristopherIngham Co.40D 15 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Church, Chas. B.NY State40D 22 NY I.Charlotteview record
Claflin, Albert B.Michigan40H 6 MI Inf.Bentonview record
Clark, Elisha P.Wayne Co. Mich.40G 2 MI I.Charlotteview record
Cleveland, Luther C.40G 8 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Cogsdale, C. D.40view record
Cogsdale, G.Oakland Co., Mich.40F 129 OH V. I.Kalamoview record
Collins, JamesOswego, NY40E 17 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Collins, Jno.New York40G 5 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Conley, EzekialWayne Co., Ohio40H 6 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Conley, Levi M.Wayne Co., Ohio40G 20 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Cooper, BarringerSaratoga, NY40K 9 NY H. A.Charlotteview record
Crapo, S. C.Lorain Co., O.40H 2 OH Cav.Carmelview record
Cregar, John C.Germany40E 1 MI L. A.Charlotteview record
Cronk, Daniel C.Ohio40I 10 MI Cav.Charlotteview record
Crosier, CharlesSullivan, Ohio40H 42 OH Inf.Charlotteview record
Crout, JosephAmherst, NY4027 NY L. A.Charlotteview record
Culp, Andrew S.Stuben Co., NY40F 72 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Culver, Wm. O.Oswego, NY40BCharlotteview record
Cunningham, EdwardWhite Hall, NY40A 3 NY Arty.Waltonview record
Curtis, James T.New York40I 142 NY Inf.Charlotteview record
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