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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Flint, Cornelius ?New York4G 180 NY Inf.Readingview record
Forguon, E. R.Huron Co., OH4G 2 MI Cav.Readingview record
Forquor, Eli ROhio4G 2 MI Cav.Readingview record
Foster, Albert H.Goshen, IN4D 2 IN Cav.Readingview record
Foster, Wm. I.Ireland4M 11 MI Cav.Alganseeview record
Fowler, FredOhio4G 2 MI Cav.Readingview record
French, Lenard4C PA Reservesview record
Frick, HenryStark Co., OH4A 88 IN Inf.Readingview record
Frick, Henry4A 142 IN Inf.view record
Fuller, Albert G.Reading4K 78 NY Inf.Readingview record
Gate, Geo E.Michigan4E 4 MI Inf.Readingview record
Gee, GabrielNew York4G 2 MI Cav.Readingview record
George, H. A.Germany4K 1 MI LAReadingview record
George, HenryMuehliberg, Germany4K 1 MI LAReadingview record
Goodman, FrederickEngland4B 160 NY Inf.Alganseeview record
Gore, W.Ohio4L 6 MI Cav.Readingview record
Hagarty, JudsonUnion, NY4I 141 NYReadingview record
Hagerty, JudsonElmira, NY4I 141 NY Inf.Readingview record
Harrison, Walter B.New York4A 15 MI Inf.Cambriaview record
Haynes, WilsonBaldwinsville, NY4Readingview record
Hayward, Wm. H.New York4A 1 OH 2nd ArtReadingview record
Henry, SylvesterHuron Co., OH4A 17 USReadingview record
Hoffman, Arthur W.Bristol, VT4K 198 OHReadingview record
Holabaugh, Wm.Center Co., PA4D 1 WVReadingview record
Holabaugh, Jr., Wm.Center Co., PA4D 1 WV Inf.Readingview record
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