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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Humiston, PerryOhio39M 4 MI Cav.Berrien Springsview record
Inglewright, Wm.Mich.39K 25 MIOronokoview record
Johnson, C. B.39view record
Kimmel, Geo. H.Penn.39C 25 MI Inf.Berrien Springsview record
Kimmell, Geo. H.Penna39B 25 MIOronoko Tpview record
Kinney, Wm.39view record
Koons, JohnTenn.39E 125 IN Inf.Berrien Springsview record
Latta, I.Penn.39K 57 IL Inf.Berrien Springsview record
Lauer, JacobGermany39I 12 MI V.Berrien Springsview record
Light, WilliamPenn.39H PA Art.Oronokoview record
Long, AbramOhio39C 25 MIOronokoview record
Ludy, J. N. (R?)Ohio39H 110 OHOronokoview record
Massey, PeterMich.39K 9 IL Inf.Berrien Springsview record
McOmber, FredNY39C 8 NY H. A.Mich.view record
Miller, John W.Ohio39H 53 INOronokoview record
Miller, W. H.Ohio39I 12 MIBerrien Springsview record
Monroe, DavidSeneca Falls, N. Y.39E 75 NY Inf.Berrien Springsview record
Morgan, DavidPenn.39F 173 PA Vols.Berrien Springsview record
Moyer, Henry J.Penn.39C 25 MIOronokoview record
Murdock, Geo. H.Penn.39I 1 MI S. S.Mich.view record
Muthard, RichardPenn.39H 11 PA Cav.Buchanan Twpview record
Nelson, OrlandoMich.39C 12 MI V.Berrien Springsview record
Newell, Enoc F.39K 20 MEview record
Newton, HarrisonMich.39L 1 MI Art.Oronokoview record
Nicodemus, Philip H.Maryland39H 13 IA Inf. Vol.Berrien Springsview record
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