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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Cassimer, Theo. F.Orion, M.38C 10 MiZilwaukeeview record
Chase, D. F.Jewitt, NY38B 1 IL L. A.E. Saginawview record
Chase, S. M.Boston, Mass.38E 14 NY Art.East Saginawview record
Cheesbro, Benj. F.England38A 2 MI Cav.East Saginawview record
Clarenze, W. D.Ohio38H 156 OH I.East Saginawview record
Clark, Chas.Toronto38F 24 MI Inf.Saginawview record
Clark, W. H.Boston, Mass.38B 5 Ny Art.East Saginawview record
Clark, Watson J.Pa.38D 4 MI Inf.Saginawview record
Clothier, WalterNew York38A 8 MI I.East Saginawview record
Cole, OrlandoNew York38B 24 NY I.East Saginawview record
Coleman, HarrisonNY State38I 136 NY V. Inf.East Saginawview record
Colvin, C. P.Oakland Co., Mich.38C 10 MI Inf.South Saginawview record
Converse, Gordon T.NY38B 20 NY Cav.Saginawview record
Cook, Geo. H.New York38C 7 MI Cav.East Saginawview record
Cooper, E. S.38E 4 VT Inf.Saginawview record
Cornwell, Jas. S.NY38M MI E&MSaginawview record
Cowell, Joseph H.R. I.38F 139 IL Inf.Saginawview record
Cowles, E. D.Wayne Co., NY38A 10 MI Inf.East Saginawview record
Crawford, Alonzo386 OH BatterySaginawview record
Crawford, John R.Wadington, NY38C 60 NY Inf.Bridgeportview record
Creque, Theodore D.38Saginaw, E sideview record
Crist, E. A.NY38G 20 MI Inf.Saginawview record
Crist, Edgar C.Utica, NY38F 2 US Art.East Saginawview record
Crosby, Alvin T.Mich.38I 1 MI Art.Taymouthview record
Crouch, Wm. A.Ohio38K 5 OH Inf.East Saginawview record
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