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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Clark, I. D.Ohio35L 12 OH Cav.South Havenview record
Clarkson, A. J.Waukegan, Ill.35F 65 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Cleveland, William35K 13 MIview record
Clow, WilliamCanada35B 2 WI Cav.South Havenview record
Colby, LewisNew York35K 3 WI Inf.South Havenview record
Combs, Reasins35C 100 OH Inf.view record
Conrad, HenryIllinois35A 70 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Convis, AlonzoSavanah, NY35K 7 MI Inf.Genevaview record
Cook, Alfred H.Beaucevill, Canada35M 1 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Cook, H.N. York35B 9 MI Inf.Cascoview record
Cook, S. B.Penn.35E 14 OH Inf.South Havenview record
Cox, F. E.Ontario, NY35I 95 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Craig, John F.Scotland35G 24 NY Inf.Glennview record
Cross, AbnerAuburn, NY35I 1 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Dailey, ThomasOnondaga Co., NY35I 26 NY Inf.Cascoview record
Davis, George B.England35D 194 NY Inf.South Havenview record
De La Fountain, L.New York35H 111 PA Vols.South Havenview record
Dean, O. A.Syracuse, NY35F 75 NY Inf.South Havenview record
Dean, O. F.Onondaga, NY35H 2 NY H. A.South Havenview record
Dean, R. F.NY35H 2 NY H. A.South Havenview record
Delamere, Charles35H 13 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Dickinson, IsaacNew Jersey35K 1 NJ Cav.South Havenview record
Dickinson, M. J.Vermont35B 2 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Dimock, J. H. P.Pennsylvania35A 16 OH Inf.South Havenview record
Dodge, Benj.NY35H 14 NY Art.South Havenview record
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