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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Gillman, ThomasPenn.34I 211 PAOtsegoview record
Gilmore, Thos.Penn.34I 211 PA Inf.Otsegoview record
Goucher, Geo. V.Stae NY34I 5 MI Cav.Watsonview record
Grabell, AlexanderOhio34H 164 OH N. G.Otsegoview record
Green, Stephen L.? Co., NY34B 85 NY Vol.Otsegoview record
Green, Thomas W.New York34F 12 MI Vol.Otsegoview record
Guest, H. F.34view record
Haight, Timothy V.34K 8 MI Cav.view record
Halstead, Samuel W.34F 3 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Hare, Delos W.S (?), NY348 MI C.Otsegoview record
Harmon, Wm.Ireland34C 99 INOtsegoview record
Harter, MartinLuzerne, Pa.34A 13 MIOtsegoview record
Haynes, A. F.34K 19 MI Vol.view record
Heffleman, Geo. H.Wayne Co., O.3478 OH L. A.Otsegoview record
Henry, JohnNew York34F 68 ILOtsegoview record
Henry, John A.Greene, Ohio34A 104 OHOtsegoview record
Hinkson, Edwin F.Vermont34A 1 VT Cav.Otsegoview record
Hipp, Jos.Germany34A 13 MI Inf.Alanoview record
Houdlette, G. U.Maine34K 16 ME Inf.Alamoview record
Hunt, JamesCambridge, NY34I 13 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Jarvis, William34D 116 INview record
Kelly, John D.Mich.34G 59 NY Inf.Otsegoview record
Kelly, John D.Orangeville, M.34G 59 NY Vols.Otsegoview record
Kelly, Pat. K.New York34I 13 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Knowles, Henry J.Otsego Co., NY34F 10 ME Vol.Otsegoview record
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