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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Dixon, GeorgeChenango Co., NY31I 121 NY Inf.Paw Pawview record
Dopp, Harrison H.NY31D 6 MI Art.Paw Pawview record
Drake, Amos H.31view record
Drown, Henry C.Rose, NY31H 22 NY Cav.Paw Pawview record
Duncombe, S. W.Brantford, CW31D 14 MO S. ShootersPaw Pawview record
Elce, T. C.Penna.31M 1 IA Cav.Paw Pawview record
Failing, Geo. W.NY31C 8 NY Cav.Almenaview record
Felter, JohnNew York31D 152 IN Inf.Paw Pawview record
Flanders, HenryGrafton, N. H.31I 17 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Flanders, HiramHolly. NY31H 8 MI Cav.Paw Pawview record
Folsom, A. H.Rhode Island31H 3 MN Inf.Paw Pawview record
Foote, Anson T.Eagle, NY31G 45 IL Vol.Paw Pawview record
Foote, Jason B.Paw Paw31K 4 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Frisbee, SethNY31I 11 MI Inf.Waverlyview record
Fye, GeorgeNY31B 34 NY Inf.Paw Pawview record
Gage, Martin C.NY3110 NY Art.Paw Pawview record
Galligan, Charles E.Barrington, NY31I 17 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Garver, SamuelWayne Co., O.31C 70 NY Inf.Breedsvilleview record
Giles, Joseph E. (G ?)Rochester, NY31E 5 NY V. I.Paw Pawview record
Goss, Hiram N.Jeff. Co., NY31A 94 NY Inf.Paw Pawview record
Graham, C. W.Ohio31B 1 MN Inf.Paw Pawview record
Guernsey, Chas. F. M.Loraine Co., O.31E 72 OH Inf.Lawrenceview record
Hall, James H.Wayne, Mich.31H 12 MI Inf.Lawtonview record
Hall, Philander W.Orleans, NY31D 6 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Hall, Wesley W.Macomb Co., Mich.31H 12 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
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