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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Gouldman (Goldman), E. H.Venice, Italy30E 71 IL Vol. Inf.Watervlietview record
Green, Truman P.Lewis Co., NY30I NY Art.Watervlietview record
Gregg, Russell B.30view record
Gunsaul, JacobMedina Co., Ohio30B 19 MI Inf.Covertview record
Hamilton, Smiley W.Hardin Co., Ohio30F 31 OH Vol. Inf.Colomaview record
Harrington, EdwardWayne, NY30D 3 MI Inf.Hagar, Mich.view record
Harris, F. B.Hancock Co., Ohio30C 21 OH V. I.Covertview record
Hartman, ConradNew York30K 12 MI Inf.Covertview record
Hartman, Jeremiah30view record
Headley, AaronOhio30K 12 MI Inf.Covertview record
Himes, John30K 25 WI Inf.view record
Hodges, JamesState of New York30I 16 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Holsten, RodneyNiles, Mich.30K 12 MI Inf.Covertview record
Howard, B. S.Ill30D 66 IL W.S.S.Colonaview record
Hughes, PhilipIreland30G 19 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Huntoon, BartlettWendell, N. H.30M 4 MI Cav.Watervlietview record
Huyck, William S.New York30B 12 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Iliff, J. C.Portage, Ohio30F 171 Nat GdsColomaview record
Johnson, ReubenNew York30F 121 NY Inf.Covertview record
Johnson (?), Perry30B 12 Inf.view record
Judson, L. L.Portage Co., O.30I 1 MI Cav.Colomaview record
Kelly, GeorgeNiagra Co., NY30K 11 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Kelly, Nathan E.30view record
Kenicutt, Charles30view record
Kilborn, E. C.30view record
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