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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Erickson, RebirNorway3 (B)B 48 NY Inf.Montagueview record
Estabrook, E. C.Alden, NY3 (B)I 39 WI Inf.Whitehallview record
Esterling, RichardLiverpool, Eng.3 (B)I 1 WI Inf.Montagueview record
Evans, Ignatius G.Clayton, NY3 (B)E 65 IL Inf.Whitehallview record
Fetterly, John E.New York3 (B)H 19 MIMontagueview record
Fisher, Geo. W.Watertown, NY3 (B)A 16 NY Cav.Montagueview record
Fortune, JohnNelson Co., VA3 (B)A 99 IL Inf.Whitehallview record
Fox, W. H.3 (B)view record
Gable, GilbertCanada3 (B)F 29 MIWhitehallview record
Gashal, AndrewSwitzerland3 (B)H 16 MIWhitehallview record
Gilbert, DavidLivingston, NY3 (B)H 12 MI Inf.Montagueview record
Girard, MadoreMichigan3 (B)K 88 IL Inf.Montagueview record
Gotts, Sam'lEngland3 (B)17 NY Bat.Whitehallview record
Hardy, Richard L. ?New York3 (B)A 31 MO Inf.Montagueview record
Hart, Thos.3 (B)F 2 NY Arty.view record
Henderson, RobertIllinois3 (B)K 3 IL Cav.Whitehallview record
Henry, Solomon3 (B)view record
Hicks, Jay B.Bronson, OH3 (B)D 1 OH LAWhitehallview record
Hill, JohnGeneseo, NY3 (B)I 5 MI Cav.Whitehallview record
Hiscott, Francis C.Webster, NY3 (B)A 108 NY Inf.Blue Lakeview record
Hubbard, Ezra P.Volney, NY3 (B)D 96 NY Inf.Whitehallview record
Hubbard, WillisVolney, NY3 (B)E 24 NY Cav.White Riverview record
Huber, AlbertSwitzerland3 (B)K 72 IL Inf.White Riverview record
Hunalel, FriendOhio3 (B)H 68 OHWhitehallview record
Huston, Orin E.Combland, Miss.3 (B)K 23 MI Inf.Claybanksview record
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