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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Peck, L. M.Ohio283G 101 IN V. I.Sunfieldview record
Peling, RanslerNY283K 1 MI Eng.Sunfieldview record
Perkins, IsiahOhio283F 6 MI Cav.Sunfieldview record
Petrie, John R.NY283C 2 MI Inf.Sebewaview record
Putnam, F. O.Mich.283US NavySunfieldview record
Richards, C.Ohio283F 81 OH I.Sunfieldview record
Richards, G.Ohio283E 100 IN I.Sunfieldview record
Ritchie,Ohio283D 10 OH V. I.Sunfieldview record
Ruff, J.Ohio283L 1 OH H. A.Sunfieldview record
Shaver, J. L.Penn.283E 9 MI I.Sunfieldview record
Slater, Z. B.283M 1 OH H. A.view record
Somers, Wesley2831 OH L. A.Sunfieldview record
Sprague, Orestus E.NY283D 13 MI V. I.Sunfieldview record
Stimback, AlchamaIllinois283D 29 IN Inf.Sunfieldview record
Taylor, Ed.Ind.283K 12 IN I.Sunfieldview record
Trumphour, DavidMd.283M 11 PA Cav.Woodlandview record
Trumphour, Geo.Maryland283M 11 PA Cav.Sebewaview record
Trumphour, Jas.Maryland283A 165 PA V. I.Odessaview record
Van Buren, T.New York283US NavySunfieldview record
Waddell, Thomas283E 24 MIview record
Weeks, P. T.New Jersey283K 178 OH V. I.Sunfieldview record
Wells, CharlesMich.283K 8 MI Inf.Sunfieldview record
Wells, CharlesMich.283K 8 MI Inf.Sunfieldview record
Wescot, MartinOhio283D 14 OH V. I.Sunfieldview record
Williams, ElvinMich.283L 10 MI Cav.Sunfieldview record
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