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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Drake, L. C.Mich.25C 18 MI V. I.Fairfieldview record
Drake, Warren H.NY25C 18 MI Inf.Fairfieldview record
Earl, ThomasIreland25B 3 Cav.Ogdenview record
Emmons, W.Huntington, O.25C 86 OH V.I.Ogden Centerview record
Englehart, JamesNY25BMadisonview record
Fairbanks, C. D.25H 15 MI V.I.view record
Free, August25Fairfieldview record
Fry, Luther E.Wayne co., NY25B 18 MI Inf.Ogdenview record
Gaddy, CharlesSouth Carolina25A 127 IL V.I.Ogden Centerview record
Gambee, S. F.Ohio25G 3 OH V. Cav.Fairfieldview record
Gascoign, CharlesRochester, NY25F 13 Inf.Fairfieldview record
Gascoign, Charles25H 4 NY Batteryview record
Gasner, HenryCahoga Co., O.25I 60 OH SSRigaview record
Gates, Levi H.NY25D 105 OH V.I.Ogdenview record
Gee, OrenLinden, Mich.25G 4 MI V.I.Ogdenview record
Gilliland, J. G.? Can't read.25B 4 MI Vol. I.Palmyraview record
Hall, Wm. L.Ohio25B 18 MIAdrianview record
Hatt, H. E.Waterloo, M.25G 2 MI V.I.Fairfieldview record
Heckert, J. W.West Va.25F 6 WV Inf.Ogden T.view record
Hecket, George W.Preston Co., Va.25D 166 OH V.I.Ogdenview record
Hendricks, Wm.25I 4 OH V. I.view record
Hibbard, Wm. R.Oneida Co., NY25H 18 MI Inf.Ogden Centerview record
Hinds, EgbertVermont25F 14 OH V. Inf.Ogdenview record
Hoag, A. I.Oakland, M.25I 18 MI V.I.Fairfieldview record
Hodges, Adison J.25view record
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