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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Durfee, JohnNY23B 9 IN Inf.Cheshireview record
Edwards, James N.Ingland23A 7 MI Inf.Chisireview record
Farnsworth, SylvesterPenn.23C 8 MI Cav.Bloomingdaleview record
Fields, S.23view record
Fosmire, EsraNY23G 1 MI E&MBerlamontview record
Fow, Daniel W.23view record
Freshons, JohnIndiana23H 19 MI Inf.Bear Lakeview record
Garrisin, J. J.Mich.23D 19 MI Inf.Berlamontview record
Garver, IsrealSeneca, Ohio23B 17 IN Inf.Breedsvilleview record
George, HenryNew York23E 28 NY Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Gillespie, MartinEngland2311 MI Inf.Cheshireview record
Goldsmith, Chas.New York23I 7 CA Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Goldsmith, N.2312 MI Inf.view record
Hall, Wm. P.Ohio23B 17 IN Inf.Leeview record
Hamlin, Albert23view record
Harman, R. C.23view record
Harmon, R. C.23view record
Havens, Lyman23G 18 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Haws, E.NY23A 3 MI Cav.Cheshireview record
Heath, AdelbertNY23E 28 MI Inf.Leeview record
Heath, Geo. F.Mich.23D 6 MI Inf.Leeview record
Hodges, T.23view record
Hoffman, JacobPenn.23C 54 PA Inf.Waverlyview record
Holmes, C. E.N. Y.23D 128 OH V. I.Bloomingdaleview record
Hudson, Gilbert23view record
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