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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Denerd, John N.Berrien Co., Mich.22K 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Dick, John C.Winchester, Va.22C 9 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Drake, LorenzoLuzerne Co., NY22K 12 MIBuchananview record
Durand, AustinLake, Ohio22C 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Eastman, H. D.22Buchananview record
Edgin, Jas.Kent Co., Del.22D 25 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Evans, Amos P.LaGrand, NY22C 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Evans, CharlesJackson, Co., Mich.22A 6 MI H. A.Buchananview record
Farling, AmosGreenville, Mich.22G 1 MI SSBertrand Twp.view record
Feight, Geo.Indiana22B 12 WI Inf.Buchananview record
Ferree, George D.Sullivan Co., Ind.22F 115 INBuchananview record
Fox, Wm. H.Cattaraugus Co.., NY22I 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Frame, AllenSt. Joseph Co., Ind.22C 73 IN Inf.Buchananview record
Frame, NeelySt. Joseph Co., Ind.22B 48 IN Inf.Buchananview record
Gardner, M. B.Steuben, NY22F 131 PA Inf.Buchananview record
Godfrey, JaphatBerrien Co.22I 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Godfrey, JaphetBerrien Co., Mich.22I 12 MI Inf.Wesauview record
Goodenough, Francis H.Guilford, Vt.22E 20 IN Inf.Buchananview record
Goodenough, FrancisGuylford, Vt.22E 20 IN Inf.Buchananview record
Gordon, Henry R.Snyder Co., Penn.22H 4 US Inf.Bertrand Twp.view record
Graham, JohnPennsylvania22I 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Grice, HenryAugusta, Va ?22E 4 IN Cav.Buchananview record
Griffin, FrankBerrien Co., Mich.22I 30 WI Inf.Buchananview record
Griswold, Albert H.Seodac ?, NY22B 93 NY Inf.Buchananview record
Hahn, Chrs. AdamWhittenberg, Ger.22A 6 MI H. A.Buchananview record
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