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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Gleason, Wm. H.Cass Co.20B 7 MI Cav.Keelerview record
Graff, DanielCrawford, Penn.20I 5 PA H. A.Hartfordview record
Gustin, Addison M.Cohactan, NY20F 1 MI E&MHartfordview record
Gustin, Adison M.New York, New York20F 1 MI E&MHartfordview record
Hale, RichardHenderson, NY20K 14 NY H. A.Covertview record
Hall, Geo. E.Kalamazoo, Mich.20B 6 MI H. A.Hartfordview record
Hammel, John H.Canada20F 13 MI V.V. Inf.Hartfordview record
Harley, WilliamMilan, Ohio20E 7 OH Inf.Hartfordview record
Hartt, EberGates, Norman Co. NY20I 140 NY Inf.Hartfordview record
Heald, John S.Pittsburg, Penn.20C 46 OH V. Inf.Hartfordview record
Henderson, J. B.Indiana Co., Pa.20D 64 OH V. I.Keelerview record
Hilliard, Charles W.Mansfield, OH20D 3 MI Cav. Vet.Hartfordview record
Hoover, Jacob P.Columbiana Co., Ohio20C 140 OH N. G.Hartfordview record
Hoover, Marion F.N. Lisbon, O.20F 7 OH Inf.Hartfordview record
Horton, Wm.Portage Co., Ohio20I 12 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Horton, Wm.Portage Co., Ohio20I 12 MI V.V.Inf.Hartfordview record
Hubbard, Wm. H.New York20G 19 MI Inf.McDonaldview record
Hunt, J. A.New York20G 28 MI Inf.Covertview record
Huntly, Cadmus C.Steuben Co., NY20K 1 MI Cav.Hartfordview record
Hurlbut, Albert F.Orangeville, NY20C 3 MI Cav.Hartfordview record
Hutchens, OrangeFranklin Co., NY20G 19 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
James, John A.Rochester, NY20K 141 IL V. I.Hartfordview record
Kelley, RoyceCarlton, NY20C 1 NY Bat. S.S.Hartfordview record
Kleckler, Chas.New York20C 3 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Lamphere, Jos. W.New York State20D 16 NY V. Inf.Hartfordview record
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