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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Cooper, James L.Monroe, NY15A 7 MI Cav.Ludingtonview record
Cory, Rueben A.Ohio15A 27 WI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Cutcheon, B. M.New Hampshire15B 20 MIManisteeview record
Danks, J. S.New York15K 1 OH Inf.Ludingtonview record
Daub, JacobGermany15C 134 PA Inf.Ludingtonview record
Davis, Thos. E.England15B 5 Il Cav.Ludingtonview record
Dawson, Wm.Wisconsin15H 13 US Inf.Ludingtonview record
Depero, James P.New York15K 98 NY Inf.Ludingtonview record
Dewitt, TheronCanada15D 61 NY Inf.Ludingtonview record
Dexter, James H.Canada15K 9 MI Cav.Ludingtonview record
Dow, Alfred C.Bangor, NY15A 11 NY Cav.Ludingtonview record
Dowland, F. J.New Foundland15G 26 WI Vol.Ludingtonview record
Dubois, DanielUlster, NY15L Merrils Horse Cav.Ludingtonview record
Elsworth, A. C.Ohio15G 2 OH H. A.Ludingtonview record
Everitt, Wm. H.15C 141 NY Inf.Ludingtonview record
Ewald, GotliebGermany15B 1 MI L. A.Lincoln Twp.view record
Ewald, LudwigGermany15A 93 NY Inf.Ludingtonview record
Ewing, PelegNew York State15I 30 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Fairbanks, P. W.Marcellen, NY15L 1 NY Mtd RiflesLudingtonview record
Fisher, C. C.Penna.15B 137 PA Inf.Victoryview record
Fitch, E. W.15I 27 MI Inf.view record
Foster, John N.New York15D 26 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Fowler, M. L.Jackson, MI15G 20 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Fredenberg, M. W.New York15C 2 MI Cav.Summitt Townview record
Fredrick, JosephCanada15Ludingtonview record
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