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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Du Bois, Joshua W.Salem Co., NJ13E 6 US Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Durkee, Geo. W.Vermont13I 27 OH Inf.view record
Eastman, HoraceCass13B 9 MI Inf.Michiganview record
Eaton, Chas. H.Niagra Co., NY13B 3 MI Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Edgar, Wm. C.Scotland13D 7 IL Inf.Little Traverseview record
Ellsworth, J. B.Pennsylvania13I 141 PA Inf.Redmondview record
Ferguson, Philo N.New York13C 3 MI Cav.Pleasantviewview record
Foreman, DanielOhio13G 133 OH Inf.Little Traverseview record
Fox, Chas. W.Chenango Co., NY13I 111 NY Inf.Alansonview record
Gleason, Edmund W.Madison Co., NY13F 38 OH Vol. Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Gleason, Reuben A.Lenox, NY13B 157 NY Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Goltry, F. M.Michigan13C 5 NY H. A.view record
Hall, LewisWayne Co., MI13I 1 MI Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Hampton, C. D.134 MI Inf.view record
Harris, Wm. H.Indiana13I 2 NY H. A.Cooperview record
Harrison, D. C.New York13H 14 NY Arty.Harbor Springsview record
Harrison, Daniel C.Dansville, NY13H 13 NY Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Harrison, Daniel C.New York13H 14 NY Arty.Harbor Springsview record
Hartzler, LeviPennsylvania13K 42 OH Inf.Richmondview record
Hathaway, A. L.13view record
Hess, IsaacOhio13B 7 MI Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Hicks, Albert R.Elyria, Ohio13G 1 MI L. A.Harbor Springsview record
Horning, JacobPennsylvania13A 171 PA Inf.Pleasantviewview record
Hoyt, Henry F.Litchfield, OH13K 10 MI Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Hugins, Henry F.Massachusetts13G 20 MI Inf.view record
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