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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Kellor, GeorgeRichland, Ohio12K 128 OH Inf.Deerfieldview record
Kingsbery, FrancisNew York12H 15 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Kinney, IsacIndiana12B 88 INDeerfieldview record
Kirby, R. R.New York121 OH V. Cav.Petersburgview record
Labon, WilliamMichigan12I 17 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Lewis, CharlesOhio12I 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Lewis, WesleyOhio12I 47 OH Inf.Deerfieldview record
Long, MauriceNew York12E 1 MI E&MDeerfieldview record
Long, MauriceNew York12E 1 MI E&MDeerfieldview record
McCarty, EliMonroe Co., Mich.12H 15 MI Inf.Summerfieldview record
McNair, Samuel T.Blisfield12K 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
McQuarie, Neal A.Deerfield12M 1 MI E&MDeerfieldview record
Miller, S. J.12view record
Mominee, PeterMonroe, MI12F 6 MI H. A.Deerfieldview record
Nachtrieb, JohnGermany12L 30 MI Cav.Deerfieldview record
Nichols, J. G. B.Penfield, NY12F 4 MI Cav.Deerfieldview record
Parker, H. C.Ohio12K 3 OH Cav.Deerfieldview record
Plumadore, D.Michigan12D 18 MI Inf.Whitefordview record
Pool, HermanBlisfield12K 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Reighard, WilliamWayne Co., MI12B 38 OHDeerfieldview record
Reinhart, Ferdinand12H 128 OH Inf.view record
Resico, LewisMichigan12C 2 OH H. A.Deerfieldview record
Roberts, HileryExeter Twp Monroe Co12K 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Roberts, O. J.Monroe, MI12K 18 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Roberts, Oliver J.Monroe Co., MI12H 18 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
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