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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Harris, Geo. W.Saracuse, New York11H 5 MI Inf.Antrimview record
Hawley, Hanford H.Wyoming, NY11D 14 MI Inf.Perryview record
Heath, ChanceyAshtabula,Ohio11F 4 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Heath, EdgarOhio11L 1 MI E&MBancroftview record
Hemmingway, TrumanShiawassee11H 10 Mi Cav.Bancroftview record
Herrington, A. L.Lewiston11I 73 INBurnsview record
Hoard, DelosNew York11C 9 MI Inf.Shiawassee, MIview record
Hoard, EdwinJackson, MI11E 5 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Hodge, Wm. D.Michigan11C 27 MI Inf.Shiawasseeview record
Hutchings, Reuben C.Shiawassee11H 10 MI Cav.Perryview record
Hutchins, ReubenPenyan, NY11M 10 MI Cav.Bancroftview record
Jacobs, WithmanMichigan11D 98 PA Inf.Antrimview record
Johnson, BartlettPennsylvania11F 9 MI Inf.Morriceview record
Johnson, DavidWayne, MI11D 5 MI Vet Inf.Perryview record
Johnston, L.Michigan11F 10 MI Cav.Bancroftview record
Jones, Edwin11Bancroftview record
Judd, SemesNew York11E 7 MI Cav.Burnsview record
Kent, JeffersonNew York11H 10 MI Cav.Antrimview record
Keyes, John D.11view record
Kittle, DavidDelaware Co., NY11C 10 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Kittridge, Chas.New York11E 29 MI Inf.Antrimview record
Le Fever, H.Mudville, PA11F 9 MIBancroftview record
Litchfield, A. F.New York11201 PANewberryview record
Lyman, JamesMassachusetts11B 3 MI Cav.Bancroftview record
Mapes, Daniel D.New York11C 44 NY Inf.Perryview record
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