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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
McDonald, DonaldInvershire, Scotland8H 3 Mi Cav.Negauneeview record
McGrain, PatrickIreland8F 24 MI Vols.Ishpemingview record
McNeil, JamesGlascow, Scotland8L NY Harris Lt. Cav.Negauneeview record
Merryweather, Chas.England8B 5 MI Cav.Ishpemingview record
Morson, James? ?8E 197 PA Inf.Ishpemingview record
Nelson, Thomas D.Boliver, OH8K 60 IN Inf.Ishpemingview record
Peak, Seth T.Erie Co., OH8F 148 OH N. G.Ishpemingview record
Ranco, EdwardBakeman, NY8F 16 NY Inf.Negauneeview record
Reeder, JohnPrusia8A 27 MI Inf.Negauneeview record
Richardson, JohnHighgate, VT8F 22 NY Inf.Negauneeview record
Robinson, O. B.Cornish, NH8A 3 VTIshpemingview record
Rourk, FrancisKingston, Canada8Ishpemingview record
Rowland, John D.Meironethshire Wales8F 14 VT Inf.Ishpemingview record
Sanser, John8D 82 Il Inf.Ispemingview record
Sauer, Francis V.NY City8F 1 NY DragoonsNegauneeview record
Scott, JohnLiverpool8I 81 NY Inf.Ishpemingview record
Sheldon, C. L.8Band 1 MI Cav.Ishpemingview record
Stanley, S. M.Indiana8E 11 Vet Res Corp.Negauneeview record
Walton, Wm.8D 2 NY Cav.Ishpemingview record
Wead, AlbertNew York State8F 32 WI Inf.Negauneeview record
Welch, Thom8D 23 WI Inf.Ishpemingview record
Wilber, James B.8Key Stone State NavyIshpemingview record
Wilson, Arthur8view record
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