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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Cole, Andrew M.Niagra, NY75M 1 NY Art.Grand Havenview record
Collins, Charles F.England75B 1 MI S. S.Grand Havenview record
Collins, Chas. F.England75B 1 MI S. S.Grand Havenview record
Consaul, Jacob V.Schenectedy, NY75H 2 NY H. A.Grand Havenview record
Constantine, Chas. A.NY75A 2 NY Vol. Cav.Grand Havenview record
Cowan, Geo. M.St. Lawrence Co., NY75F 60 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Crandale, Eber B.Sandusky, O.75E 14 MI Inf.Robinsonview record
Creagen, Marvin H.Geauga Co., Ohio75F 2 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Creager, MyronAuburn, Ohio75D 1 MI E&MGrand Havenview record
Crow, John M.????? Co., Ohio75E 22 IA Inf.Agnewview record
De Jongh, JohannesHolland, Europe75D 2 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
De Kruif, Geo. E.Europe75I 25 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
De Spelder, JohnHolland75F 14 Mi Inf.Grand Havenview record
Dickinson, Charles W.St. Lawrence Co., NY75G 21 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Docking, Robert75Grand Havenview record
Dockstater, Rufus M.???????, NY75F 97 NY Inf.Ferrysburgview record
Doddington, MarkEngland75D 11 PA Cav.Grand Havenview record
Douglas, Jr., JosephNY75H 9 VT Inf.Grand Havenview record
Drake, Henry F.Germany75I 4 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Eames, S. O.New York75G 42 IL Vols.Grand Havenview record
Edney, Thos.England75J. C. KaneGrand Havenview record
Emlaw, IsaacFranklin Co., NY75C 10 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Emlaw, Miner J.Medina, NY75H 3 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Fant, JohnEngland75C 86 OH Inf.Grand Havenview record
Farr, George A.Niagra Co., NY75K 1 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
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