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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Cole, Edward74view record
Congdon, R. M.Middlesex, NY74K 1 MI E&MBradleyview record
Corning, Ransford74I 28 MI Inf.view record
Culver, Aaron G.Orleans Co., NY74E 25 MI Inf.Bradleyview record
Daugherty, C. H.New York74A 1 MI E&MWaylandview record
De Puy, L.Avon, NY74E 6 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Doane, ElishaCayugo, NY74A 1 MI I.Dorrview record
Dodge, Wm. H.Lake, O.74G 73 IL Inf.Waylandview record
Dolton, Alfred J.Onondaga, NY74I 111 NY Inf.Deightonview record
Durkee, Monroe74view record
Fales, V. p.Solon, O.74K 6 MI Cav.Deightonview record
Fitch, Oscar D.74view record
Fox, S. S.Malhon(?), O.74D 115 OH V. I.Waylandview record
French, E. K.74view record
Frew, JamesScotland746 MI H. A.Hopkinsview record
Garretts, Truman B.Ohio74F 19 OH Vol.Hopkinsview record
Gorman (German), Joel (Noel)Tompkins, NY74H 1 MI Eng.Waylandview record
Grommon, O. A.Solan, O.74E 1 MI Eng.Waylandview record
Gunton, Wm. L.England74A 13 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Harrington, Newton74view record
Harris, W. H.Erie, Pa.74I 34 NY I.Waylandview record
Hayward, M. C.74view record
Haywood, John74view record
Hendrick, LewisChenango, NY74H 6 MI C.Dorrview record
Herrington, NathanLenawee, M.74I 2 MI C.Deightonview record
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