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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Boardman, F. O.Ingham Co., Mich.72K 11 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Booney, Isaac K.Pa.72PA Ind. GuardsFlowerfieldview record
Bouton, James72G 11 MI Inf.view record
Bovee, J. W.72Three Riversview record
Bowersox, Soloman72view record
Braman, RichardNY72E 11 MI Inf.Flowerfieldview record
Brayman, RichardRochester, NY72E 11 MIThree Riversview record
Bristol, LemonPotsdam, NY72D 19 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Buck, G. W.72H 13 MI Inf.view record
Buck, Geo. W.Columbia Co., Ohio72H 13 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Bullock, John J.NY72F 1 MI L. A.Fabiusview record
Bumphrey, M. H.72K 96 NY Inf.view record
Burch, HoseaNY72H 28 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Burnam, AddisonCamden, NY72B 93 NY Inf.Three Riversview record
Burns, S. R.72K 80 OH Inf.view record
Butler, ThomasNorth. Co, Pa72E 11 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Card, George F.Stafford, NH72E 77 ILThree Riversview record
Carleton, F. S.Elkhart Co., Ind.72C 9 IN Inf.Three Riversview record
Carr, Thomas P.Rochester, NY72E 13 MI Inf.Fabiusview record
Carter, CharlesJersey72B 11 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Catherman, J. H.Union Co., Pa.72G 41 PA Inf.Constantineview record
Cherington, Dewitt C.Gallia Co., O.72D 2 Mi Inf.Three Riversview record
Chestnut, Wm. A.NY72A 148 PA Vol.Three Riversview record
Clingeman, M. (Manasset ?)Columbia Co., O.72E 11 MI Inf.Three Riversview record
Conkle, JacobDelaware, Ind.72C 21 In Inf.Three Riversview record
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