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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hinebaugh, D. A.Niagra, NY71B 1 MI Inf.Bronsonview record
Hogle, G. H.NY71C 1 MI Art.Burr Oakview record
Hopkins, AmosWayne, NY71I 7 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Howard, EdwinBoston, Mass.71C 7 MI Vols.Bronsonview record
Johnson, JohealBery, O.71F 29 OHBurr Oakview record
Karn, JacobN. York71C 1 NY MountedBurr Oakview record
Keeler, J. R.71D 11 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Lepley, Joseph71Colinview record
Lilley, AlfredPenn.71B 1 MI Inf.Branch Co.view record
Lowe, David T.Onondaga, NY71E Engineer Regt.of the WestBurr Oakview record
Lytle, John L.Pennsylvania71C 13 PA Cav.Burr Oakview record
Marble, CalvinSt. Lore Co., NY71A 12 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Marshill, MarvinSt. Jo. Co., M.71D 19 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Marvin, C. O.Canada71A 15 MI Inf.Colonview record
Mathews, Tim71view record
Matthews, William R.Mich.71C 11 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
McVickers, ElijahMt. Vernon, Ill.71K 38 OH Inf.Burr Oakview record
Miller, L. S.71Fawn Riverview record
Milliman, J. B.71view record
Milliman, SethMich.71I 1 MI Art.Burr Oakview record
Milliman, W. W.Branch Co., Mich.71M 5 MI Cav.Nobleview record
Mosher, B.Allen, Mich.71B 11 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Patchem, Chas.New York71B 1 MI Inf.Nobleview record
Pendell, SamuelBranch Co., Mich.71C 12 IN Cav.Branch Co.view record
Phillips (Phelps), S. C.Northumberland, Pa.7113 MI L. A.Burr Oakview record
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