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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Curran, JohnWolcot, NY68H 21 MIShelbyview record
Davis, CourtlandCanida68B 1 MI SSBenonaview record
Davison, Geo. W.Ohio68G 11 INShelbyview record
Dill, DavidPennsylvania68F 5 MI Cav.Clay Banksview record
Dorance, J. B.Kalamazoo, Mich.68C 11 MI Inf.Benonaview record
Dunn, Wm. H.Mich.68K 27 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Dykema, J.Holland68I 25 MIShelbyview record
Eaton, JohnOhio68H 21 OHShelbyview record
Eddy, G. H.NY68D 35 NY Vol.Shelbyview record
Elliott, EzraOhio68B 8 IL Cav.Shelbyview record
Elly, JosephEllis Burg, NY68A 94 NY Inf.Benonaview record
Farnsworth, Norman B.New York68B 9 Vol. Inf.Shelbyview record
Fenner, C. L. (?)NY68M 50 NY Cav.Shelbyview record
Fisher, C. W.Penna.68C 3 PA Cav.Shelbyview record
Fleming, A.Mich.68H 11 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
Fleming, RobertSeneca Co., NY68E 17 MI I.Shelbyview record
Fleming, Wm.New York68K 1 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Getty, G. B.P.A.68D 45 PAShelbyview record
Gilbert, Henry H.Genesee Co., Mich.68C 6 ILShelbyview record
Godfrey, LeanderGenesee, NY68C 111 PANeweraview record
Hinchen, LewisLewistown, NY68B 97 NYNew Erieview record
Holt, Elijah M.Ohio68Las Cruces, NMview record
Hughson, Jacob D.Lyons, NY68L 12 IL Cav.Shelbyview record
Inman, J. N.NY68H 2 OH Cav.Shelbyview record
Inman, Orlo??lind, Ohio68C 176 OH Inf.Shelbyview record
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