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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Barney, Jas. P.R. I.67H 13 WI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Barnhard, HenryNew York67H 96 NY Inf.Bay Cityview record
Barnhart, HenryPennsylvania67H 1 MD Inf.Bay Cityview record
Barrett, Wm.Canada67Frigate ColoradoBay Cityview record
Bates, Chas. D.Stockbridge, Vt.67E 5 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Beaubien, HenryEcorse, Mich.67H 14 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Beebe, George C.67view record
Bell, Wm. F.NY State67F 179 NYBay Cityview record
Benson, Sam'lJonesville67K 3 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Berdan, F.Tennisee67K 14 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Besha, Edw.Canada67E 4 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Bickham, William67view record
Birdsall, HoseaNew York67C 1 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Boisvert, MaxonCanada67G 2 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Boiten, Geo.France67B 12 MI Inf.South Bay Cityview record
Bonjour, JohnCanada67M 1 RangersBay Cityview record
Borland, MathewNY67G 15 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Borland, Mathew J.N. York67G 15 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Boughton, J. C.Oakland Co., NY67G 2 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Bourasa, B. F.67Bay Cityview record
Bouricks (?), FrankKingston, Ontario67Hosp. At Ann Apolis, MDview record
Bradley, JacobCanada67B 1 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Bradley, Jacob67view record
Brady, DanielCanada67A 5 OH Inf.West Bay Cityview record
Braley, H.Saginaw67B 10 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
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