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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Deidrich, GeorgeGermany65A 55 OH Vols.Williamsvilleview record
Dotty, Francis M.Mich.65C 19 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Doty, John S.Mich.65D 19 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Doty, John S.65D 19 MIview record
Draper, JohnNY65D 19 MI Inf.Porterview record
Dunn, Anson L.Mich.65D 15 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Dunworth, JosephNY65D 1 MI Art.Jonesview record
East, FrankMich65D 6 MI H. A.Jonesview record
Ferguson, Chas. W.65E 11 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Ferguson, Hugh J.Ohio65H 11 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Forbes, JohnOhio65I 1 MI Art.Coveyview record
Gardner, Stephen A.65B 124 OH Inf.Jonesview record
Garth, GeorgeGermany65G 25 MI Inf.view record
Gearth, Geo.Germany65G 25 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Gilles, DavidOhio65K 88 INNewbergview record
Hanes (Haines), JamesNY65E 11 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Hardy, James M.Indiana65C 128 IN Vol. Inf.Newbergview record
Hartman, EliMich.65G 25 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Hartshorn, S. P.N. H.65E 6 NY Inf.Newbergview record
Harwood, Wm.NY6514 MI Batt.Newbergview record
Herrod, F. M.Ohio65D 6 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Houser, DavidPenn.6521 Ind. Bat.Jonesview record
Huggins, A. P.Ohio65D 8 MI Cav.Jonesview record
Hunt, H. H.65view record
Jackson, A.NY65A 14 MIJonesview record
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