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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Carrivaux, A.63F 5 VT Inf.view record
Chase, WardwellOrangeville, NY63K 9 Mi Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Clifton, Fred G.England63D 8 NY H. A.East Tawasview record
Clute, J. H.Ogdensburg, NY63A 23 OH Inf.E. Tawasview record
Colgrove, Hiram63G 2 IL Art.Tawas Cityview record
Cones, Geo. W.Rochester, NY63L 15 NY Cav.E. Tawasview record
Connor, Thos. E.Brownville, NY63I 35 NY Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Cooper, Thos.England63E 23 MI Inf.Renoview record
Craft, Peter B.Deleware, NY63H 18 NY Art.Au Sableview record
Craig, JamesPhila. Pa.63E 5 MIAuSableview record
Crego, PaulWest Turin63B 152 Ny Inf.Renoview record
Dakin, James S.Mich.63E 28 MI Inf.view record
Daws, Geo.Wayne, NY63D 111 NY Inf.Wilberview record
Dease, Chas.63view record
Dilabaugh, Squire M.Canada63A 105 PA Vol.Whittemore P. O.view record
Dixon, D. B.Clayton, NY63Black Hawk NavyTawas Cityview record
Esmond, ClarkMichigan63D 7 MI Cav.Tawas Cityview record
Falls, Henry63D 22 MIEast Tawasview record
Fenn, James W.England63G 1 CT Art.E. Tawasview record
Fink, Jacob E.Lockport, NY63K 10 NY Inf.East Tawasview record
Flannigan, J. C.Mich.63H 3 MIEast Tawasview record
Flannigan, S. A.Mich.63E 10 MIEast Tawasview record
Frazier, F. H.NY63M 5 NY Cav.East Tawasview record
Freeby, Henry L.Washington, Pa.63F 1 PA BattalionTawas Cityview record
French, Geo. D.Bradford, Me.63E 11 ME Vols.East Tawasview record
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