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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Elliott, John61Balticview record
Farrand, Jas. H.61Gaylordview record
Ford, J. N.61view record
Fox, Jas. P.Michigan61G 13 MI Inf.Gaylordview record
Gocha, Charles61F 24 MI Inf.view record
Goslow, Edward61Gaylordview record
Haner, JamesMich.61B 13 MIGaylordview record
Helms, David61Gaylordview record
Helms, David61view record
Herrick, G. W.61Vanderbiltview record
Hilton, Albert M.61Gaylordview record
Hodges, James L.Canada61I 1 WI H. A.Gaylordview record
Hooker, J. C.61Otsego Lakesview record
Howe, F. M.Castile, NY61C 20 MI Inf.Gaylordview record
Howe, F. M.61view record
Hyatt, B. F.61Gaylordview record
Inman, W. H.61K 18 NY V. Cav.Gaylordview record
Irons, Henry61Gaylordview record
Jubb, W. J.61Gaylordview record
Kettler, John G.Germany61A 24 MI I.Gaylordview record
Kimberley, E. P.61Gaylordview record
King, T. F.Troy, Mich.61D 22 MI Inf.Gaylordview record
Kligensmith, JohnIowa61E 29 MI Inf.Gaylordview record
Lewis, John61view record
Lyon, L. W.61Gaylordview record
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