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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Briggs, Benj.Otsego, NY60C 1 MI L. A.Leslieview record
Brink, C.Monroe, NY60B 9 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Britton, LewisNY60G 11 MI I.Leslieview record
Cady, JeromeP. A.60C 4 MI Cav.Tompkinsview record
Calkins, JayNew York60Covington (?) US NavyLeslieview record
Carmer, Albert L.NJ60D 15 NJ Inf.Leslieview record
Carpenter, ChauncyNY60E 24 MI Inf.Onondagaview record
Carter, E. H.New York60E 1 MI E&MLeslieview record
Case, Lymon C.Vt.60E 3 MI Cav.Leslieview record
Chapman, W. H.Jackson, MI60F 6 MI H. A.Henriettaview record
Christy, Jos. B.NY60E 3 MI Cav.Tompkinsview record
Clark, John S.NY60A 1 MI Cav.Bunkerhillview record
Clinton, ChrisIreland60G 3 MI Cav.Bunkerhillview record
Coger, J. H.NY60D 12 MI I.Leslieview record
Coger, J. H.NY60D 12 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Comstock, James603 MI Cav.Leslieview record
Cook, W. W.New York60B 9 MI Cav.Leslieview record
Coon, J. S.NY60E 1 MI E&MLeslieview record
Corey, RoyalOrleans Co., NY60F 14 Ny Inf.Leslieview record
Covende, James60Leslieview record
Covert, Wm.New York60E 2 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Crispel, MartinMich.60A 3 MI Cav.Bunkerhillview record
Crofoot, Joseph S.New York60F 28 MI Inf.Henriettaview record
Crowfoot (Crofoot), Smith (Joseph S.)NY60F 28 MI Inf.Henriettaview record
Crysler, DavidNY60D 122 NY Inf.Leslieview record
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