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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bird, Wm.Orleans Co., NY6E 4 MI Inf.Adamsview record
Bishop, T. E.Leroy, NY6A 4 MI Inf.Allenview record
Blackman, E. A.Paw Paw, MI6C 140 ON Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Blackman, John S.N.Adams, MI62SS 18 MI Inf.North Adamsview record
Blurton, JonathanOntario, NY6D 4 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Blurton, JonathanOntario Co., NY6B 4 MI Inf.Ransomview record
Bolles, DanielOneida Co., NY6I 1 MI E&MHillsdaleview record
Boyland, NathanPennsylvania6H 58 PAHillsdaleview record
Boyle, BarneyStaten Is., NY6A 49 NY Inf.Jeffersonview record
Bradley, JamesLyons, NY6H 18 MICamdenview record
Briggs, DariusOrleans Co., NY6H 4 Mi Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Brown, Anson F.Defiance, OH618 Mi Inf.Allenview record
Brown, Geo. B.Lucas Co., OH6E 4 MI Inf.Allenview record
Bryan, H. D.6E 4 MI Inf.view record
Buchanan, W. L.Seneca Co., OH6C 1 US SSHillsdaleview record
Bullard, S.Granger, OH6K 44 IN Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Bullock, Geo. W.6view record
Burd, F. E.New York6G 2 Mi Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Burges, Jno D.Hillsdale Co.6K 27 MI Inf.Bankersview record
Burt, MatthewRansom, MI6G 30 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Bush, A. C.Hillsdale6C 4 WI Inf.Osseoview record
Calkins, David C.6A 20 Miview record
Calkins ?, David C.Lenawee Co.6B 2 US SSHillsdaleview record
Camp, AlonzoDefiance, OH6K 3 OH Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Campbell, Benj. F.Columbia, PA6G 103 OH V.I.Hillsdaleview record
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