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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Connor, JamesEngland59G 13 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Cook, EphriamOhio59E 128 OH V. I.Waverlyview record
Crocker, Geo. F.N. York59A 36 NY Vol. Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Crocker, Geo. F.59F 104 NY Inf.view record
Cummings, AlexanderDelaware Co., NY59A 25 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Dalrympal, B. S.Ohio59G 13 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Davis, Banajah M.Rutland Co., Vt.59C 4 MI Cav.Pine Groveview record
Dinnisson, J.59G 6 MI Inf.view record
Doyle, A.59A 1 MI E&Mview record
Earl, DavidNew York, NY59E 9 MI Cav.Pine Groveview record
Eastman, J. S.Mich.59B 9 MI Cav.Gobelvilleview record
Edmonds, JosephOhio59I 27 OH VVIGobelvilleview record
Emory, JohnOnondaga, NY59C 70 NY Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Evans, N. H.N York59F 13 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Failing, F. T.Lyons, NY59NY H. A.Goblevilleview record
Ferguson, NinionJackson Co., Mich.59D 12 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Finch, AlfredCayuga, NY59E 9 MI Cav.Bloomingdaleview record
Finch, EdwardOrmyo, NY59E 9 MI Cav.Gobelvilleview record
Forster, GeorgeGermany59I 98 NY Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Foster, R. H.Wis.59H 28 MIGobelvilleview record
Goodman, Geo. H.Sipio, NY59A 3 CO Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Goodrich, George W.5914 MI L. A.view record
Goodrich, George W.Onondaga, NY59C 4 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Hall, CalvinNew York59I 3 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Hall, E. V.Mich.59H 8 MIGobelvilleview record
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