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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Chase, L. G.NY54K 10 MI I.Libertyview record
Chivis, J. H.54view record
Clawson, August A.Ohio54A 3 OH Cav.Mantonview record
Closson, C. (Edward ?) W.54view record
Coffin, A. B.54M 3 MI Cav.Mantonview record
Collier, D. C.Ohio5419 NY Bat.Mantonview record
Cook, HenryN. York54C 13 MI Inf.Mantonview record
Cousins, Wm.Mich.54F 54 MA Vol.Mantonview record
Cox, Edward54view record
Dalgrun, W. H.NY54E 12 MI ILong Lakeview record
Dassana, StephenNewfield, NY54D 140 NY ZouavesColfaxview record
Dewey, Cyrus S.Penn.54F 3 MI C.Mantonview record
Dingman, Wm.54view record
Disbrow, A. J.54view record
Divers, J. C.New Jersey54A 38 WI Vol.Mantonview record
Dustin, John L.Ohio54F 1 MI E&MMantonview record
Dyer, J. A.Ohio5418 US Inf.Caldwellview record
Elsworth, EzraOhio54A 124 OH Inf.Mantonview record
Engle, Henry (John ?) (H. ?)New York54G 1 MI EngineersMantonview record
Falkenburg, SamuelIndiana54H 91 INMantonview record
Falkenburgh, E.Ind.54E 88Mantonview record
Falkinburgh, Caleb54D 15 IN Cavview record
Finn, CalvinNew York54G 18 NY V ITustinview record
Gates, Lucas W.Ohio54Idep. Inf.Mantonview record
Gray, L. W.54Libertyview record
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