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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Corwin, John50F 2 V. R. C.view record
Corwin, JohnNY50K 10 MI Inf.Coralview record
Cowden, Rubin S.New York50F 21 MI I.Coralview record
Crane, HenryConnecticut50F 8 MI C.Maple Valleyview record
Crissman, Wm.Mich.50E 3 MI Cav.Coralview record
Culver, WilliamOrlans, NY50F 104 NY I.Coralview record
Davis, AlvinOswego, NY50D 1 MI E&MMaple Valleyview record
Davis, Geo. A.Utica, NY50I 28 MI Inf.Coralview record
Davis, Geo. A.5028 MI Vol.view record
Dockery, J. A.Barry, NY50C 13 MI V. I.Maple Valleyview record
Dunovan, JohnRockingham, NH50H 21 MI V. I.Pirsonview record
Duvoo, LouisOttawa Co., O.50I 41 OH V. I.Trufontsview record
Duvoo (aka Devon), Lewis S.50I 41 OH Inf.Tenpointsview record
Eastwood, W. A.Cook Co., Ill50B 57 IL Inf.Coralview record
Ferguson, J. N.Canada50E 10 MI Cav.Coralview record
Fries, WilliamDuchess Co., NY50C 12 MI V. I.Trufontsview record
Galligar, Daniel H.Sandy Hill50SS 27 MICoralview record
Gibson, R. H.Lynn, M.50F 21 MI Inf.Pine Twp.view record
Gifford, John H.New York50D 6 MI Cav.Coralview record
Goodsell, Geo. A.Cayuga, NY50F 4 MI V. I.Coralview record
Hale, O. P.Phelps, NY50A 18 MI V. I.Coralview record
Hanson, Ephriam C.Wellington, Me50B 7 ME I.Coralview record
Harley, A. T.Cauga Co., NY501 Bat 17 US I.Coralview record
Harris, JeremiahLucas Co., O.50C 11 MI V. I.Coralview record
Headley, Thos.Glouster, NY50C 30 IN Inf.Coralview record
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