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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Baird, ThomasPa.48B 30 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Baldwin, FrankNew York48E 8 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Ball, W. M.48view record
Ball, Wm. T.48view record
Bangs, C. H.Mich.48B 7 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Bangs, LevantMich.48C 9 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Banta, DerrickNY48F 76 ILJacksonview record
Barber, WarrenNew York48E 1 MI SSJacksonview record
Barlow, James R.N. York48D 12 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Barret, MichaelMich.48G 17 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Bartholomew, A. S.Ohio485 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Bartlett, Jas. N.Mich.48D 24 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Bartlett, M. E.Mich.48G 1 MI L. A.Jacksonview record
Barton, NathanNew York48F 9 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Baslon, JosephEngland48H 5 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Bassett, W. J.48A 20 CT I.view record
Batdorf, J. C.Ohio4811 IA Inf.Jacksonview record
Bates, Chas. H.Mich.48K 17 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Bates, Orrin R.Mich.48I 4 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Batgold, J. F.Germany48L 5 US Art.Jacksonview record
Bayless, Samuel F.NY4819 NY Bat.Leoniview record
Be(a?)ber, R. E.Mich.48US NavyJacksonview record
Beard, Henry A. (E.)Mich.48A 10 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Beardsley, Dan N.New York48F 20 MI Inf.Brooklynview record
Bebee (Beebe), DanielNY48I 3 NY Cav.Jacksonview record
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