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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ayers, AugustusOhio42C 85 OHLansingview record
Ayers, Augustus42B 12 MI Cav.view record
Ayers, Chas. W.Ohio42I 3 OH V. I.Lansingview record
Ayres, AugustusOhio42B 12 MI Inf.Meridianview record
Ayres, C. W.Morrow Co., Ohio42I 3 OH Inf.Lansingview record
Bailey, G. H.Orleans Co., NY42H 1 MI I.Lansingview record
Baker, A. L.Ohio42B 1 MI Cav.Lansingview record
Baker, Ben B.Vermont42K 17 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Baker, Henry B.Vermont42A 20 MI I.Delta Mview record
Baker, Ithamer H.Ohio42A 18 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Baker, J. N.Mansfield, Ohio42I 11 MI Cav.Lansingview record
Baker, James H.Ohio42C 1 US S. S.Lansingview record
Baker, JohnGermany42E 8 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Baker, Julius N.Ohio42I 11 MI V. I.Lansingview record
Baker, L. B.New York4216 DC Cav.Lansingview record
Baker, L. A.White Water, Wis.42B 20 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Baker, O. A.Mansfield, Ohio42B 2 US S. S.Lansingview record
Baker, Oscar A.42view record
Baker, Oscar A.Mansfield, O.42B 2 US S. S.Lansingview record
Baldwin, D. B.Ulster Co., NY42C 5 MI Cav.Lansingview record
Baldwin, Thos. W.NY42A 3 NY Cav.Dewittview record
Baldwin, Timothy L.New York42E 8 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Bales, Edwin S.Manheim, NY42F 2 NY Cav.Lansingview record
Ball, Chas. E.Ny42H Merrill HorsePerryview record
Ballard, HiramNew York42C 4 NY H. A.Lansingview record
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