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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Green, RushStockbridge, Mich.41G 9 NY H. A.Chelseaview record
Greening, JohnAnn Arbor, Mich.41C 24 MI Inf.Chelseaview record
Guerin, O. B.4121 NY Cav.view record
Hammond, E.41view record
Haner, Perry D.Mich.41H 18 MI Inf.Chelseaview record
Harrington, James F.41A 1 MI E&Mview record
Harrington, Sidney D.41A 1 MI E&Mview record
Hewlett, Geo. W.41I 1 Cav.Sharonview record
Hinkley, N. H.Fulton Co., NY41D 1 MI Vol.Chelseaview record
Hudler, Jas. M.41D 4 MI Inf.view record
Irwin, John E.Freedom, Mich.41B 20 MI Inf.Sharonview record
Jackson, Thos. C.Newark, Ohio41B 47 OHSylvanview record
Joiner, Jas. R.Pennsylvania41Dexterview record
Kellogg, Chas.Sylvan, Mich.41K 20 MI Inf.Sylvanview record
Kilmer, John F.Germany41D 9 MI Inf.Sylvanview record
Koons, James41D 7 PA Cav.view record
Leach, Jas. A.Pa.41K 20 MI Inf.Chelseaview record
Lehman, FredWurtemberg41K 20 MI Inf.Sharonview record
Litchfield, D. M.419 PA Vol.view record
McCall, HughMichigan41I 1 MI Vol.Chelseaview record
McCoon (McCover), PatrickIreland41K 20 MI Inf.Chelseaview record
McNally, HughWestchester Co., NY41K 20 MI Inf.Sylvanview record
Miles, L. S.Deleware Co., NY41E 95 NY Vol.Dexterview record
Morton, A. J.41K 20 MI Inf.view record
Negus, C. L.41E 1 MI Cav.view record
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