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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bevard, EmeryHuron Co., O.40B 2 MI Cav.Carlisleview record
Bidwell, GeorgeMich.40I 6 US I.Carmelview record
Bigley, JohnO.40E 25 OH I.Charlotteview record
Bingham, A. L.Cortland, NY40C 9 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Bishop, Guilford D.Ohio40A 142 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Blair, Wm. H.Oswego Co., NY40I 1 MI Eng.Chesterview record
Bottomley, James H.England40H 6 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Bottomly, Isaac W.Mich.40H 6 MI H. A.Charlotteview record
Bowers, BenjaminNew York40C 86 NY Inf.Charlotteview record
Braden, JasperFranklin, Pa.40F 7 MI Cav.Chesterview record
Bradley, NobleVermont40I 103 OH Inf.Charlotteview record
Brouse, HenryMedina, Ohio40C 152 IN Inf.Bentonview record
Brown, John40NY Vol. Inf.view record
Brownell, ZimriNY40E 10 VTCharlotteview record
Brumley, MurraySeneca Co., Ohio40G 55 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Bryan, JamesWarren Co., O.40F 177 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Bryan, Jason W.40B 28 MI Inf.view record
Bryant, JohnEngland40I 24 MI I.Charlotteview record
Buck, R.Oswego, NY40H 4 MI Cav.Charlotteview record
Butler, Chas.Mich.40E 1 MI L. A.Charlotteview record
Butler, Jonathan D.Eaton Co., Mich.40H 1 MI E&MCharlotteview record
Butler, Lebeus S.Oakland, Mich.40H 6 Mi Inf.Charlotteview record
Carrel, Geo. W.Seneca Co., O.40B 57 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Carson, Samuel B.Seneca, NY40H 1 MI E&MCharlotteview record
Carter, Adam J.Lancasrter, Pa.40D 102 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
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