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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Burgess, J. D.Hillsdale, MI4K 27 MI Inf.Bunkersview record
Burgess, John D.Hillsdale Co., MI4K 27 MI Inf.Bankersview record
Burton, LawrenceVermont4K 5 VT Inf.Readingview record
Byfield, Wm. E.NY City4A 5 NH Inf.Readingview record
Cahow, A. G.Ohio4C 1 MI SSReadingview record
Cahow, Alexander G.Coventry, OH4C 1 MI SSReadingview record
Cahow, John P.Ohio4F 18 MI Inf.Readingview record
Cartwright, M. E.4A 10 OH Inf.view record
Chapel, A.4view record
Chapman, WilliamHarrison, WV4G 21 OH Inf.Camdenview record
Cory, John H.Michigan4H 17 MI Inf.Alganseeview record
Crabbs, WilliamSeneca Co., OH4I 123 OH Inf.Woodbridgeview record
Culver, Zebidee (R.?) G.New, Ohio4C 19 MI Inf.Readingview record
Cunningham, J. C.Ohio4G 118 OH Inf.Readingview record
Daniels, A. B.Ohio4C 111 OHReadingview record
Davis, James W.Viena, NY4F 18 MI Inf.Readingview record
Davis, SamuelPortugelio, OH4I 6 MI Inf.Readingview record
DeGraff, SimonNew York4B 166 OH Inf.Readingview record
Dugan, J. C.Pennsylvania4L 11 MI BatteryReadingview record
Eaton, Frank4view record
Ellis, Caleb S.Weld, ME411 MEMontgomeryview record
Emery, F.New York4E 72 NY Inf.Readingview record
English, A. H.Cauga, NY4K 4 Mi Inf.Readingview record
Eweing, A. A.Ohio4D 2 MIReadingview record
Fleming, J. H.Michigan4D 11 MI Inf.Readingview record
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