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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Branson, Chas. O.Wilmington, Del.37H 17 US Inf.Stantonview record
Britton, Albert H.Hillsdale37A 2 US Inf.Stantonview record
Brooks, Jos. A.NY37C 10 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Buccaming, John H. F.Deckerton, NJ37E 1 NY DragoonsStantonview record
Burns, Thos. G.Phila., Pa.37H 20 PA V. Inf.Stantonview record
Butler, HarrisonOhio37C 80 OH V. I.Stantonview record
Butler, JamesIreland37M 10 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Butterworth, H.NY37C 15 MI I.Sidneyview record
Butts, George M.New York37I 3 US Cav.Stantonview record
Campbell, Wm N.Ohio37G 163 OH V. I.Stantonview record
Capen, Albert J.Conn.37g 15 MI Inf.Stantonview record
Carey, Joseph M.Ohio37E 120 IL V. I.Stantonview record
Carothers, Jas. W.Ionia Co., Mich.37A 11 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Carpenter, GeorgeSt. Lawrence Co., NY37B 16 MIDouglassview record
Chapin, JosephFonder, NY37K 60 NY Inf.Stantonview record
Chapman, CharlesGreen Co., Pen.37F 85 PAStantonview record
Childs, Edwin D.Green Co., NY37Eng C 20 Ulster Co GuardsStantonview record
Chiles, WilliamFranklin Co., Ohio37G 156 OHStantonview record
Clark, B. B.NY37H 123 OH Inf.Stantonview record
Clark, H. T.Schuyler co., NY37B 161 NU V. I.Langstonview record
Clifford, Wm. B.Loraine Co., Ohio37D 2 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Clogston, John D.Peacham, Vermont37H 9 NH Vols.Sidney Twp.view record
Colburn, David W.Vermont372 OH Ind. BatteryStantonview record
Cole, John B.Ind.37B 44 IN V. I.Stantonview record
Coleman, Francis M.Dayton, O.37D 44 IL Inf.Stantonview record
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