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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bliss, Geo. L.New York35D 66 IL Inf.Lacotaview record
Bonham, RobertHunterdon, NJ35G 1 MI L. A.South Havenview record
Bradley, W. S.Lee, Mass.35D NY V. I.South Havenview record
Brooks, AbramLake Co., O.35D 11 MI Inf.Covertview record
Brooks, Chas.Homberg, NY35G 8 NY H. A.South Havenview record
Brown, G. W.Adrian, Mich.35Ship Vindicator & ReindeerSouth Havenview record
Brown, HobbyConnecticut35C 13 CT VolsSouth Havenview record
Brown, Jessie B.Wis.35M 14 WI Cav.South Havenview record
Bryant, C. T.Indiana35E 71 OH Inf.South Havenview record
Bugden, M.England35B 44 IN Inf.Cascoview record
Burdick, W. S.Owego, NY35C 86 NY Inf.South Havenview record
Burrows, JohnBenton, Mich.35B 7 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Burrows, S.Oswego Co., NY35E 21 MI Inf.Cascoview record
Bushnell, W. A.???35F 100 ILSouth Havenview record
Butley, R. M.Ohio35I 7 IN Vol. Cav.South Havenview record
Butterfield, C. A.Kalamazoo Co., Mich.35G 19 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Buys, W. W.NY35H 11 MI Cav.Covertview record
Cady, JayIllinois354 WI L. A.Cascoview record
Campbell, Rob'tBever Co., Pa.35K 16 OH Inf.South Havenview record
Carr, H. R.Newport, Ky35E Indep BattSouth Havenview record
Chapman, G. O.??, Ohio35B 124 OH Inf.South Havenview record
Chapman, H. A.Ohio35G 42 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Chapman, JesseMich.35A 5 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Chappell, H. E.Rochester, NY35F 145 NY Inf.Genevaview record
Chatfield, H.Tioga Co., Pa.35C 3 MI Cav.South Havenview record
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