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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bennett, Chas.NY32C 18 Mi Inf.Battle Creekview record
Berdan, Dixon32C 2 CA Cav.Battle Creekview record
Berrier, Josiah C.Ulster Co., NY32H 2 MO Cav.Bedfor Townshipview record
Berry, C. D.Mich.32I 20 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Bertrand, Thos. H.Canada32H 2 MO Cav.Battle Creekview record
Beyers, I. J.NY32F 47 NYVeronaview record
Billington, CharlesMass.32E Bridges S. S.Battle Creekview record
Blackman, RubenNY32H 30 IL Cav.B. C.view record
Blakeslee (Blakely), JohnNew York32K 13 MI VolsBattle Creekview record
Bliss, O. C.Mich.32D Sep. 16/61Battle Creekview record
Blush, Ed H.Vermont322 VT L. A.Battle Creekview record
Bohnett, JohnScio, Mich.32C 28 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Bond, Col. F.Michigan32H 138 IN Inf.Battle Creekview record
Boney, A.NY3214 Light B.Battle Creekview record
Borden, Wm. C.Leslie, Mich.32G 7 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Boyce, Geo. W.Mich.32C 1 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Boyce, I. W.Mich.32C 24 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Bresee (Brazee), Levi J.NY32G 8 MI Cav.Johnstownview record
Brewer, Chas. D.Ohio32St. Louis Hallock GuardsBattle Creekview record
Briggs, C. C.Mich.32L 2 MO Cav.Battle Creekview record
Briggs, Geo. H.32Battle Creekview record
Briggs, W. W.32view record
Brightman, A. M.NY32A 111 NY Inf.Augustaview record
Brininstool, S.NY32A 7 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Bristoll, S. S.Mich.32E 25 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
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