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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Clark, Locklin N.Lorain Co., Ohio30L 3 MI Cav.Colomaview record
Clay, Edward C.Chicago, Ill.30I 28 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Cole, Harrison H.Cicero, NY30M 1 MI Cav.Hagarview record
Compton, JamesIowa30D 18 IN Inf.Silver Creekview record
Conner, John L.Green Co. N. C.30F 1 MI ColoredCovertview record
Conner, William F.Green Co, N Carolina30F 1 MI ColoredCovertview record
Cook, William H.Oswego, NY30G 19 MI Inf.Bainbridgeview record
Costleman, William F.Calhoun Co., Mich.30F 8 MI Cav.Watervlietview record
Culver, SamuelStark Co., Ohio30G 142 IN Inf.Covertview record
Defield, Henry C.Moscy, Canada30B 12 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Doolittle, George A.Cuyahoga Co., Ohio30A 141 IL Inf.Colomaview record
Duvall, G. G.30view record
Earl, Levi F.Erie Co., NY30B 17 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Enos, Geo.Mich.30K 9 MI Cav.Watervlietview record
Ewers, EbenezerAstabula Co., O.30C 3 MI Cav.Colomaview record
Finch, A. D.Franklin, Ind.30B 12 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Fish, Draper30I 13 MI Inf.view record
Gahagan, SamuelPenna.30F 204 PA Inf.Colomaview record
Garratt, George W.Williamson, NY30A 19 IL Inf.Watervlietview record
Garratt, W. S.Williamson, NY30M NY H. A.Watervlietview record
Gilson, Alonzo D.Bainbridge30D 66 IL W.S.S.Colomaview record
Gilson, Warren G.Elliot, NY30M 4 MI Cav.Colomaview record
Glidden, S. H.Jamestown. PA30F 83 PA V. I.Colomaview record
Goodrich, Levi30F 25 MI Inf.Brinbridgeview record
Gould, BriggsMarion Co., O.30C 111 OH Inf.Colomaview record
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