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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Calder, JohnCanada3 (B)K 160 NY Inf.Montagueview record
Califf, Chas. E.Smithfield, PA3 (B)E 3 MI Inf.Fruitlandview record
Campbell, Alex. O.Hanover, IN3 (B)B 10 ILBlue Lakeview record
Carpenter, LymanSteuben Co., NY3 (B)D 1 MI Art.Montagueview record
Carr, Even V.Eden, NY3 (B)A 116 NY Inf.Grantview record
Carr, George H.Penn.3 (B)A 14 IL Cav.Whitehallview record
Caster, TimothyCanada3 (B)H 30 MI Inf.Montagueview record
Catlin, Sage A.New York3 (B)I 39 WI Inf.Montagueview record
Chase, HawleyNew York3 (B)C 96 NY Inf.Montagueview record
Coleman, JamesIreland3 (B)I 12 NY Inf.Montagueview record
Conn, W. W.Michigan3 (B)I 24 MIRothburyview record
Crawford, S. P.Ohio3 (B)G 1Montagueview record
Crosby, James H.Canada3 (B)F 5 MI Cav.Montagueview record
Davis, James3 (B)view record
Dean, John CharlesMilwaukee, WI3 (B)I 122 NY Inf.Whitehallview record
Demass, MartinCayuga, NY3 (B)C 9 NY HAWhitehallview record
Depue, Michael M.Herkimer Co., NY3 (B)A 142 IN Inf.Fruitlandview record
Dewitt, WashingtonHoland Co., NY3 (B)Whitehallview record
Deyman, EugeneGermany3 (B)F 5 MI Cav.Claybanksview record
Dillabaugh, JamesCanada3 (B)C 1 US SSMontagueview record
Dunn, F.Germany3 (B)B 1 MI SSMontagueview record
Duram, Sam'lSeneca, NY3 (B)I 3 MI Inf.Montagueview record
Durham, SamuelNew York3 (B)F 2 MEMuskegonview record
Ellenwood, O. H. P.Hiram, OH3 (B)14 OH Art.Whitehallview record
Ellis, SethHector, NY3 (B)F 16 US Inf.Montagueview record
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