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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Boyer, Sam'lSwitzerland29H 19 WIGrand Rapidsview record
Bradford, C. T.R. Island29E 21 MI Inf.G. Rapidsview record
Bridge, HenryNY29G 1 WIGrand Rapidsview record
Broderick, Jas.NY29E 2 NY Reg.Grand Rapidsview record
Brooks, William A.NY29C 10 MI Cav.Jamestownview record
Brown, Charles H.N. H.2925 MIG. Rapidsview record
Brown, Henry J.Monroe Co., NY29A MI Vol. Inf.Detroitview record
Brown, Sanford L.Mich.29D 22 MIG. Rapidsview record
Buchanan, Orris G.Ohio29I 5 MI Cav.G. Rapidsview record
Bullard, B. J.NY295 MS Art.Grand Rapidsview record
Caldwell, H. M.29view record
Calkins, Charles R.Unaklilla, N. York29B 3 VT Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Campau, Adelphe T.Grand Rapids, Mich.29A 3 MI Inf.Big Rapidsview record
Canfield, Silas29Grand R.view record
Carey, William29E 21 MIG. Rapidsview record
Carlton, R.Mich.29B 21 MIGrand Rapidsview record
Carr, Chas. M.Michigan29B 20 MI Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Caywood, D.NY29B 6 MI Cav.Walkerview record
Chilson, NumanOhio29I 1 MI Inf.Tallmadgeview record
Christensen, Jno.Denmark29H 21 MI Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Clark, Asa D.Bronson, Mich.29K 7 MIGr. Rapidsview record
Clifford, JamesNY29D 21 MI Inf.Okfieldview record
Cobb, T. M.NY29A 26 MI Inf.Town Walkerview record
Coffin, Monroe29H 1 MI E&Mview record
Coffin, MonroeNY29H 1 Eng.Grand Rapidsview record
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