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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Henry, J. S.Ohio283K 1 OH L. A.Sebewaview record
Hiar, Charles O.Ohio283H 1 MI Cav.Danbyview record
Hiar, Geo.Ohio283K 1 MI Eng.Sunfieldview record
Hunter, HenryN. York283G 8 NY Cav.Sunfieldview record
Hyde, J. F.Ohio283F 12 IN Inf.Sunfieldview record
Hyde, John F.Ohio283F 12 IN Inf.Sunfieldview record
Ives, S. C.New York2834 IN L. A.Sunfieldview record
Kramer, A.Ohio2835 IN L. A.Sunfieldview record
Krebbs, DaveOhio283C 88 IN I.Sunfieldview record
Leak, Thos.Eng.283D 73 IN V. I.Sebewaview record
Leigh, Charles W.NY283A 11 MI Inf.Sunfieldview record
Leigh, Spencer M.NY283M 5 MI Cav.Sunfieldview record
Leonard, AngevineNY283G 6 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Leonard, F. O. N.NY283F 16 MI Inf.Assyriaview record
Lewis, S. C.283K Merrill Horseview record
Linhart, F.Penn.283G 189 OH I.Sunfieldview record
Litchfield, D.Ohio283E 18 MI I.Sunfieldview record
Lumbard, Wm.Ny283H 27 MI Inf.Sebewaview record
Lusk, G. W.New York283D 14 MO SSSunfieldview record
Meddough, M.Mich.283H 5 MI C.Sunfieldview record
Miller, F.Germany283E 8 MI Cav.Sunfieldview record
Orser, A. W.New York283A 23 NY ISunfieldview record
Pattingale, HenryNY283G 24 NYSunfieldview record
Peabody, J. B.Ohio283G 128 OH I.Sunfieldview record
Peabody, J. S. M.Ohio283G 128 OH V. I.Sebewaview record
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