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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Burling, Robt. G.2219 MI Inf.view record
Burling, Robt. G.Pokagon, Mich.22E 42 IL Inf.Buchananview record
Burness, Francis A.Prebble Co., O.22G 26 MI Inf.Daytonview record
Burrows, Chas.Oakland Co., Mich.22H 12 MI Inf.Niles Twp.view record
Bush, G. W.Warren Co., Ohio22F 69 IN Inf.Buchananview record
Calleyhan, JamesColumbia, Ann Co., O22B 9 MI Inf.Bertrand Twp.view record
Carothers, AndrewSt. Joseph Co., Ind.22H 12 IN Cav.Buchananview record
Chipman, Cassius H.Wabash Co., indiana22M 2 Cav.Buchananview record
Clark, Robert Cambridgeshire, Eng22G 24 OH Inf.Buchananview record
Clark, Robt. G.Elm, England22G 24 OH Inf.Buchananview record
Colvin, George W.Warren Co., Indiana22K 25 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Conrad, Andrew G.Germany22K 25 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Conradt, Wm.Wartenburg, Germany22K 25 Mi Inf.Buchananview record
Couse, H. K.Otsego, NY22C 2 MNBuchananview record
Covell, JosephOdgen, NY22D 16 WI Inf.Buchananview record
Covell, RobertMunroe Co., NY221 WI Cav.Buchananview record
Covern, JohnBuchanan22L 1 MI L. A.Buchananview record
Culoir, J. C.22view record
Culver, N. H.22C 4 WI Cav.view record
Curtis, John S.Buchanan, Mich.22C 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Dakin, Nathan H.Berrien Co., Mich.22K 6 CA Inf.Buchananview record
Dalrymple, IsraelBuchanan22L 1 MI Art.Buchananview record
Dart, Elias R.Chaquatua Co., NY22G 14 OH Inf.Buchananview record
David, Virgil J.Allegheny Arsenal Pa221 IA L. A. BatteryBuchananview record
Day, ClarkNew York22K 11 MI Cav.Buchananview record
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