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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Collett, Geo. F.Cambridgeshire, Eng.20G 15 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Conelly, GeorgeIreland20F 98 OH Vol. Inf.Hartfordview record
Conklin, DavidJeff. Co., N. York20E 94 NY Vols.Hartfordview record
Conklin, HenryNew York20H 10 NY H. A.Hartfordview record
Conklin, StephenJefferson Co., NY20I 10 NY H. A.Hartfordview record
Cook, SullivanOhio20I 1 US S. S.Hartfordview record
Cook, WilliamLebanon, NY20G 15 MI Inf.Bangorview record
Crandall, Charles N.Niagra, NY20F 11 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Crandall, Edwin R.Wayne Co., NY20F 11 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Crandall, James C.Wayne Co., NY20C 4 MI Cav.Hartfordview record
Davis, Andrew J.Ingham Co., Mich.20C 13 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Dean, Porter A.Orleans Co., NY20H 24 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Disbroe, Edward J.New York20D 66 IL Vols.Bangorview record
Doty, Chas.Cayuga Co., NY20G 28 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Dowd, J. G.New York20D 66 IL S.S.S.Hartfordview record
Drake, J. N.Niagara Co., NY20G 28 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Durand, Edgar H.Michigan20E 12 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Dyer, Newcomb T.Benington, Vt.20H 28 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Earl, Levi F.Erie Co., NY20B 17 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Earl, Lewis W.Medina Co., NY2021 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Earle, Wm. H. H.Franklin Co., NY20E 60 Ny Inf.Hartfordview record
Earle, Wm. B.Morristown, Vt.20G 6 VT Vols.Hartfordview record
Falk, HenryMadison Co., Ohio20B 21 OH V. I.McDonaldview record
Fuller, W. E.Jefferson Co., NY20F 37 WI Inf.Hartfordview record
Gibney, Henry E.Genesee Co., NY20M 4 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
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