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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Boucher, C. P.Canada18I 14 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Boughton, J. C.182 MI Inf.view record
Bowman, A.Germany18H 21 NY Inf.Williamsburgview record
Brach, H. S.New York18M 10 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Bradshaw, Jno. A.18K 15 MI Inf.Inlandview record
Brinkman, H. K.Prussia184 IN Indep. BatteryTraverse Cityview record
Brookings, W. H.New York18G 61 NYInlandview record
Brown, SamuelOhio18E 46 OH Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Brownell, CortlandNew York18D 15 MITraverse Cityview record
Brundage, A. A.New York18E 6 MI Art.Inlandview record
Bulman, Henry A.18view record
Call, S. E.New York18K 149 PATraverse Cityview record
Carlisle, DavidNew York18A 10 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Carpenter, JosephMich.18A 1 NY Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Carver, Oscar P.Indiana18A 88 IN Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Case, OrinCanada18US Gunboat Sirene MarineLong Lakeview record
Cate, M. C.18view record
Chase, E. E.Concord, O.18E 3 MNTraverse Cityview record
Chase, IncreaseNew York18H 177 OH Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Chase, Ira18Nealview record
Chase, Joy H.Ohio18L 2 WI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Chatterton, N.New York18A 17 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Clara, George18G 111 PAview record
Clark, M. V. B.New York18A 11 MITraverse Cityview record
Cleveland, L. K.New York18K 14 NY Inf.Traverse Cityview record
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