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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Brubaker, John S.Knox Co., Ohio13A 23 Mi Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Canby, Israel S.Logan Co., Ohio13F 33 OH V. I.Harbor Springsview record
Carmien, Jessie F.Russ Co., Ohio13A 21 IN Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Carmine, J. F.Ohio13A 21 IN Inf.Friendshipview record
Case, John D.Hamburg, MI13L 3 MI Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Chapin, Thales L.Steuben Co., OH13F 2 MI Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Clark, C. P.New York13G 98 NY Inf.view record
Clark, Lorenzo A.Cleveland, OH13A 12 IN Inf.Little Traverseview record
Clickner, J.New York13K 13 NY Inf.Conwayview record
Clickner, JonasNew York13C 169 NY Inf.Little Traverseview record
Colburn, IsaacOnondaga Co., NY13122 NY Vol. Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Congdon, Geo.New York13E 32 NY Inf.view record
Converse, Wm. H.Pennsylvania13B 9 MI Inf.view record
Cook, CharlesNiagra, New York13A 23 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Cook, Nelson13C 23 US Col. Inf.Pleasantviewview record
Cook, T. F.Michigan13C 2 MI Cav.Friendshipview record
Cooper, B. F.Ohio13101 IN Inf.Pleasantviewview record
Cooper, Benj. F.Massilon, Ohio13G 101 IN Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Crump, DanielPerth Can13L 11 MI Cav.Maple Riverview record
Culler, EliOhio13B 88 IN Inf.view record
Davis, James M.Ohio13H 6 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Davis, W. H. H.Michigan13L 1 MI Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Deitz, Amos M.13D 21 Mi Inf.Pleasantviewview record
Dickinson, Geo. W.Ohio13B 6 OH Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Drake, Manning F.13I 2 MI Inf.view record
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