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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Duncan, Geo.12F 67 OHview record
Duso, JamesMichigan12C 1 OH Cav.Monroeview record
Ennis, G. W.New York12A 101 NY Inf.Deerfieldview record
Francisco, Sidney12H 15 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Frayer, Royal F.Gransville, NY12A 67 OH V.I.Dundeeview record
Gardner, AbrahamNew York12K 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Gee, LumanLondon, Monroe Co MI12B 1 MI Cav.Deerfieldview record
Gifford, JamesBlisfield12H 15 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Gifford, WilliamHanburg, NY12K 10 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Goff, L. D.Steuben, New York12F 161 NY Inf.Deerfieldview record
Grams, MoselyStuben, New York12F 86 NYDeerfieldview record
Gray, V. R.Ohio12A 1 OH Lt. Arty.Ridgewayview record
Griswold, DanielVermont12K 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Grover, JessieLivingston Co., NY12A 29 MI Inf.Sumerfieldview record
Harrington, B. P.Ohio12L 1 MI E&MDeerfieldview record
Haynes, DanielNew York12E 1 MI E&MDeerfieldview record
Hemenway, George G.Michigan12C 9 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Hirst, Charles R.England12H 9 NY HADeerfieldview record
Hunter, E. L.Greenfield, Mass.12L 1 MI E&MDeerfieldview record
Jackson, William H.12C 169 PA Inf.view record
Jeru, JediahCanada12E 11 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Johnson, J. W.New York12L 1 MI E&MDeerfieldview record
Jones, Saml. L.PA12E 30 MI Inf.Petersburgview record
Keegan, JosephDeerfield12K 1 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Kellog, Martin H.St. Lawrence Co., NY12H 41 OH Inf.Deerfieldview record
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